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Treating Andamooka Matrix - with sugar, no acid

In this Blog we talk about treating matrix opal without using harsh acids! This process can be used on certain types of matrix gem opal stones to darken up the existing host rock (sandstone) therefore making the opal disbursed throughout the stone really stand out. This treatment has been around for donkeys years as the old time miners would just throw the raw matrix into their campfire at night after soaking it in either sugar syrup or in some cases used sump oil ( I don't recommend this) Lol.

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Andamooka Opal Fields

Join us on this blog as we explore the opal fields of Andamooka.  Check out the unique types of opal found in this remote South Australian town.  Whilst Coober Pedy is the largest producer of white opal in Australia, Andamooka produces stunning black matrix opal, crystal opal, seam opal and white fire opal.  These different opals make gorgeous rings, pendants and earrings as well as specimen stones.

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