About Us


Early days hand mining precious Australian opal!


I have been involved with opal for over a decade ( cutting all types of Australian opal ). We are currently mining a lease 25kms out of Coober Pedy. When we are blessed enough to find our own opal in our mine it is made into custom hand made jewellery by us at Opal Quest. In previous years we had been prospecting and building strong relationships with miners in the field.  Through these contacts I have been sourcing quality rough opal direct from miners around Australia ensuring they are paid fair prices that represent the value of the stone as well as the tough conditions in which they mine.

Based in South Australia, every stone available for purchase through our online store has been personally found or sourced direct by us and cut by us on our own custom made equipment. All jewellery has been hand crafted by us, from our stocks of beautiful Australian rough opal.  Every opal has been photographed honestly, no photo-shopping or enhancing of colours.  Any flaw that is not captured by the photos has been detailed in the description for that piece. 



Our aim is to make Australian opal accessible to everyone - from budget pieces worth a few dollars to premium opal.  This way everyone can afford their own piece of Australia.  We aim to keep a wide range of affordable opal, including varying grades of rough opal in store for those wanting to start their own opal collection, whether it's to practice their cutting skills, jewellery making or specimen pieces for display.

If you want to follow our opal quest on mining trips to our mine and friends mines, prospecting, cutting and polishing then check us out on Facebook @  https://www.facebook.com/OpalsbyOpalQuest or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our store page.