Pinfire Rainbow Boulder Opal Pendant 008P1

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Carat : 64.6

Size : 37 x 21 x 11.6 mm

This is a gorgeous pinfire rainbow boulder opal. The face of this boulder opal is dappled with lots of red, orange, green and gold opal with a few following around on to the rear of the piece.  Photos do not do this stone justice.

Boulder opal consists of a mix of host matrix material, generally iron stone, with veins or flecks of opal incorporated within it.  Boulder opal with its host matrix is considered to be as valuable as other solid Australian opal.  The beauty of this stone is in the colour variations in the host matrix as well as the opal itself.  See our blog post on boulder opal for further information.

Opal always looks best in natural sunlight.  Photographs never bring out the true beauty of opal. Any minor imperfections, if present, will not be detailed in the description but our photos have been taken to be as honest as possible.  Any imperfection we think will impact the stone's stability will be detailed. Please look at the photos closely before making your purchase.

* A natural brown leather necklace is included, as shown.