Wear it both sides! 9ct Gold Jelly Crystal Opal Pendant 058I

  • $659.00

Carat : 3.6 ct

Size : 16.8 x 8.9 x 4.9 mm

Source : Coober Pedy

This is a truly beautiful and delicately crafted mid size opal pendant.

Can be worn both sides, each side has a unique colour and depth!

A solid translucent jelly crystal seam opal with shimmering flashes of red, orange, green, and blue in a handmade 9ct gold claw setting.

This pendant is sure to impress. It is a glorious example of Australian crystal opal.

Pretty against all skin tones and colour visible throughout the crystal opal in light conditions.

This is absolutely gorgeous in the hand!!

Photos don't do the crystal character of this opal any justice.

Opal always looks best in natural sunlight. Photographs never bring out the true beauty of opal. Any minor imperfections, if present, will not be detailed in the description but our photos have been taken to be as honest as possible. Any imperfection we think will impact the stone's stability will be detailed. Please look at the photos closely before making your purchase.

* Gold plated dress necklace included

* Carat weight and size recorded prior to setting in pendant.