Lightning Ridge Rough

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Carat : 100

Size : 31 mm maximum length

Lightning Ridge Rough parcel.

This parcel of rough (stones, chips, rubs, etc) is good for practicing your lapidary skills, cutting and polishing. This potch parcel does have small amounts of colour and/or colour bars in them. The pictures are of the parcel you will receive so please pay attention to what’s in them and note that the ruler is in mm. This parcel has been weighed dry and photographed wet to bring out the stone's colour potential. We have different grades of rough parcels available each priced accordingly, supply varies throughout the year.

Opal always looks best in natural sunlight.  Photographs never bring out the true beauty of opal. Any minor imperfections, if present, will not be detailed in the description but our photos have been taken to be as honest as possible. Please look at the photos closely before making your purchase.