Coober Pedy Crystal Opal Earrings 060A5 ** Big $ Discount **

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Total carats : 3.35

Size : Pair of 10 x 8 x 3.2 mm oval

Material : 9 carat yellow gold bezel & 925 sterling silver back and posts.

When you work with nature, sometimes you get thrown a curve ball.  At the very last moment of hand bezelling these earrings, the tool that Mark uses tapped the opal instead of the metal and uncovered a tiny hidden sand spot lurking just under the surface of the opal. 

What this means for you - is that you have the opportunity to purchase a stunning large pair of solid Coober Pedy opals at a fraction of their intended price.

The sand spot is LESS THAN 1MM in size and is barely noticeable when looking at further away than 30cm! We have no reason to believe that this blemish will increase in size or affect the stability of the opal in any way.

These gorgeous white rainbow opals are beautifully crafted in 9 carat yellow gold and 925 sterling silver earrings by Mark from OpalQuest in our workshop in the Limestone Coast, South Australia. 


Opal always looks best in natural sunlight.  Photographs never bring out the true beauty of opal. Any minor imperfections, if present, will not be detailed in the description but our photos have been taken to be as honest as possible.  Any imperfection we think will impact the stone's stability will be detailed. Please look at the photos closely before making your purchase.

Opals were measured and weighed prior to setting in gold / sterling silver.