Aromatherapy Opal Pendant #321
Aromatherapy Opal Pendant #321
Aromatherapy Opal Pendant #321
Aromatherapy Opal Pendant #321
Aromatherapy Opal Pendant #321

Aromatherapy Opal Pendant #321

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Opal Measurements
34 x 12 x 5 mm

Pendant Drop

A beautiful long pendant with distinct bands of colour.
Green and red predominate with smaller lines of gold and blue.
Custom made sterling silver clasp.

Calling all essential oil and aromatherapy lovers!  
Genuine Australian aromatherapy jewellery is hard to find.
We have something uniquely Australian and very special to offer you. 
Hand crafted Andamooka matrix opal diffusional jewellery.

Unique to only few locations in Australia, matrix opal is formed when coloured opal specks are found within a host "matrix" rock. When found together both the opal and the matrix are collectively called Matrix Opal. Often the matrix is a hard rock like ironstone but occasionally opal, like this one found in the South Australian outback town of Andamooka, will be found in softer, porous rock... which makes it perfect for diffusional, aromatherapy jewellery!

When the matrix opal is dry the opal colours may be faint but when water or oils are applied to the stone, the host rock will darken making the opal colour POP! To use as an aromatherapy stone, apply one drop of essential oil to the stone and allow to soak in. This usually takes a minute or so. The essential oil will darken the matrix making your opal come alive with colour and the stone will release the aroma of the essential oil for hours. With regular use, the matrix will become increasingly saturated with oil making the colours appear brighter for longer.


This opal has been photographed dry so that you can see it in its most natural state. As you apply oil to the stone, the porous host rock darkens and the small flecks of colourful opal really start to shine. You can reapply oil to the stone as often as you wish but the aroma should continue to diffuse from the stone for many hours.


All pendants include a complimentary silver plated dress chain.



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