Ocean Boulder Opal Silver & Gold Adjustable Ring 015A

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Opal Weight :  1.0 carat
Opal Size : 10.3 x 6.6 x 2 mm              Body tone : N6                           Brightness Scale : B3
Ring Size :  N - P (AU) adjustable

Can you see the ocean? The sandy shore, the ocean greens and the blue of the sky..

This is a gorgeous Queensland boulder opal with beautiful play of colours that really pops in the light and as the hand moves.  The cleverly designed adjustable ring band not only looks great but is perfect for imperfect fingers... fingers that like to change with the season or perhaps fingers with larger knuckles but slim base.  You can adjust the size of this ring comfortably over 3 sizes and still have it look amazing.


Opal always looks best in natural sunlight.  Photographs never bring out the true beauty of opal. Any minor imperfections, if present, will not be detailed in the description but our photos have been taken to be as honest as possible.  Any imperfection we think will impact the stone's stability will be detailed. Please look at the photos closely before making your purchase.

* Stone weight and size calculated prior to being set in ring
* 925 Silver band
* 9ct Gold bezel and highlights
* Open back bezel design
* Stamped OQ, 9k and 925